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Certification Programs

We offer the following programs for initial certification as well as recertification.

Residential Care Facility For The Elderly (RCFE)

Administrator Initial Certification Training Program

 (DSS/CCL Approval 2000-292-740-1)

Conducted in a classroom setting, this program uses didactic lecture, case discussions, video presentations, and question and answer sessions. The curriculum is based on the core of knowledge from Title 22 Regulations relating to RCFE. The classes are conducted over 9 days, concluding with test evaluations. Upon successful completion of the program, you will be qualified to take the Administrator Certification Test to become an RCFE Certified Administrator.( 292-8009-28450)

We are also offering the new RCFE Initial Certification Training Program as 60/20 with the 60 hours conducted  in classroom setting over 3 weekends and 20 hours online to be completed before the last day of live classes.     (292-8012-29003)

Continuing Education

Recertification (RCFE: DSS/CCL Approval #2000-292-740-2 / ARF: DSS/CCL Approval #2000-292-735-2)

The continuing education program is for certified RCFE and ARF administrators and staff members who are required to complete on-going training. The courses are individually approved by the California Department of Social Services to complete the recertification requirement of 40 hours every 2 years. Classes with the same approval number may not be repeated within 2 years. Courses can be applied to either RCFE and/or ARF.