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The following table lists all of the available courses that Community Care Educational Services offers. Please see the schedule to view and register for any upcoming classes.

Activity & Eating for Optimal Health‰✓‰✓4Healthful Living
Administration of Medication‰✓‰✓8Medications
Administrator Initial Training Program‰✓
Basics of Tuberculosis‰✓‰✓4Infectious Diseases
Behavioral Decompensation in Dementia‰✓‰✓4Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia
Behavior ManagementAONL-309EONL-3094Online
Behavior Management of Dementia‰✓4Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia
Body Mechanics 101‰✓‰✓8Residents Care Issues
Care & Management of DementiaAONL-607EONL-2064Online
Caring for a Person with Alzheimer's Disease or Dementia‰✓‰✓8Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia
Caring for the ElderlyAONL-507EONL-1066Online
Comprehensive Fall Prevention and Management for Older Adults‰✓‰✓8Medical Health Problems
Depression in the Elderly‰✓‰✓2Behavioral Issues
Developmental and Psychiatric DisorderAONL-209EONL-2094Online
Diabetes: What You Need to Know‰✓‰✓4Medical Health Problems
Diabetes Mellitus: Diagnosis and ManagementAONL-107EONL-1052Online
Eating Healthy‰✓‰✓4Healthful Living
Effective Communication with the Elderly‰✓‰✓4Residents Care Issues
End of Life CareAONL-307EONL-3053Online
First Aid and CPR‰✓First Aid and CPR
Food and NutritionAONL-407EONL-4054Online
Handwashing & Prevention of Infection‰✓‰✓2Infectious Diseases
Health Problems in the Elderly Related to Decline in Taste & Smell‰✓‰✓4Medical Health Problems
HIV & AIDS‰✓‰✓4Infectious Diseases
Hospice Care‰✓‰✓8Residents Care Issues
Infections Involving Tuberculosis and HIVAONL-109EONL-1092Online
Managing Behaviors‰✓‰✓8Behavioral Issues
Medication Management‰✓‰✓4Medications
Medications in Community Care FaciltiesAONL-707EONL-9073Online
Medication Training‰✓‰✓6Medications
Medication Usage‰✓‰✓5Medications
Memory Lapses and Alzheimer's‰✓‰✓4Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia
Mental Health Issues8Behavioral Issues
Physical & Psychosocial Needs of Clients‰✓8Behavioral Issues
Principles of Care for Someone with Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia‰✓‰✓8Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia
Proper Treatment of Older Adults‰✓‰✓4Residents Care Issues
Seizure DisorderAONL-207EONL-2052Online
Sexuality and Aging‰✓‰✓4Medical Health Problems
Skin CareAONL-707EONL-1072Online
Skin Care & Pressure Ulcers‰✓‰✓4Residents Care Issues
Sleep and Aging‰✓‰✓4Medical Health Problems
Stress Management‰✓‰✓4Residents Care Issues
Stroke‰✓‰✓4Medical Health Problems
Tuberculosis & HIV (Update)‰✓‰✓4Infectious Diseases
Understanding Alzheimer's Disease & Dementia‰✓‰✓8Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia
When Disaster StrikesAONL-409EONL-4098Online
LGBT TrainingAONL-416EONL-4161Online
LGBT Cultural Competency and SensitivityAONL-219EONL-2191Online
Alzheimer's Dementia AONL-1007EONL-4074Online
ARF Laws and RegulationsAONL-719
Laws and Regulation UpdateEONL-8194Online