Community Care Educational Services (CCES) provides online classes for administrators and staff of Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly (RCFE) and Adult Residential Facilities (ARF).

We deliver courses that meet California State requirements, while also giving you the practical knowledge needed to administer outstanding community care. Our classes are led by a staff of licensed professionals, including a physician and a first aid certified trainer.

o   Live classes are no  longer held by this provider but we have approved online classes available for both RCFE and ARF administrators ‘recertification/continuing education as well as the staff of both RCFE and ARF facilities for their training requirements.

Continuing Education or Recertification Training are available online here .

Administrators can complete their 20 hours from my list of online classes for either RCFE or ARF.

o Courses cannot be repeated for credit within the same renewal period.

RCFE administrators still need to meet other course requirements, such as eight (8) hours of dementia training, four (4) hours of laws and regulation training, and one hour of LGBTQ training (if not already completed).

ARF administrators need four (4 )hours of laws and regulations and one hour of LGBTQ training ( if not already completed).

o All courses must be Department-approved courses provided by a Department Approved Vendor.

A list of Department-Approved Vendors can be found on the Administrator Certification Section homepage:
 No more than 10 hours of training can be taken daily.
 All recertification requirements must be met prior to the Administrator Certificate expiration date to avoid a delinquency fee.