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To enroll in an online class for recertification, click on the link in the corresponding ARF or RCFE column in the table below. Fees are not refundable.

An email address is required for enrollment. Only one student can enroll for each email address.

Care & Management of DementiaAONL-607EONL-2064Online
Caring for the ElderlyAONL-507EONL-1066Online
Developmental and Psychiatric DisorderAONL-209EONL-2094Online
Diabetes Mellitus: Diagnosis and ManagementAONL-107EONL-1052Online
End of Life CareAONL-307EONL-3053Online
Food and NutritionAONL-407EONL-4054Online
Infections Involving Tuberculosis and HIVAONL-109EONL-1092Online
Medications in Community Care FaciltiesAONL-707EONL-9073Online
Seizure DisorderAONL-207EONL-2052Online
Skin CareAONL-707EONL-1072Online
When Disaster StrikesAONL-409EONL-4098Online
LGBT TrainingAONL-416EONL-4161Online
LGBT Cultural Competency and SensitivityAONL-219EONL-2191Online
Alzheimer's Dementia AONL-1007EONL-4074Online
ARF Laws and RegulationsAONL-719
Laws and Regulation UpdateEONL-8194Online
Medical MarijuanaAONL-420
Any problems with Sleep???AONL-520
Understanding behaviors in Dementias: Alzheimer's Disease and Other Related DementiasAONL-620
Dealing with Memory LossAONL-0221EONL-02212Online
Communication in ADRDAONL-0321EONL-03214Online